Options for victims of legal malpractice

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Attorneys serve a critical role as their job is to provide support, guidance and advocacy for individuals who cannot navigate the legal system on their own. Retaining the services of a North Carolina lawyer takes a significant amount of trust, and it can be devastating if the attorney violates that trust. This is called legal malpractice, and victims of this could have grounds to take legal action against the offending party.

What is considered legal malpractice?

Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney does not do what the client hired him or her to do. This is more than just a frustration or an inconvenience, and the error or negligence causes harm to the client. In order to have a valid civil case over the issue of legal malpractice, there must be evidence that the attorney did not meet the standards of his or her profession.

Legal malpractice can happen in different ways, but it often happens in the form of breach of contract. It is also considered malpractice if the attorney was negligent or violated the Rules of Professional Conduct by the American Bar Association. The evidence should document that the lawyer’s actions (or inaction) harmed the case or caused financial loss.

Fighting for justice

If an attorney did not do his or her due diligence, victims have grounds to pursue appropriate compensation. The North Carolina civil justice system provides those harmed by legal malpractice the opportunity to seek justice. An assessment of the case and the attorney’s actions will reveal the specific options available.