The proper course of action for victims of harassment at work

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Victims of harassment are often too intimidated to speak out about what is happening to them, or they may feel ashamed, scared, embarrassment or uncertain of what to do next. No one should have to suffer from this type of treatment in silence, and victims have the right to pursue justice. If a North Carolina employee believes he or she is experiencing harassment at work, it may be helpful to learn about what steps a victim should take next.

The right steps for victims

By taking the appropriate steps, it is possible for victims to seek justice after experiencing harassment in their workplace. The following course of action may allow one to make the inappropriate treatment stop and hold responsible parties accountable:

  • The first step is to ask the perpetrator to stop with the inappropriate treatment or behaviors.
  • Find out if the employer has a harassment policy and learn what the police says to do.
  • Follow the steps of the harassment policy or speak with a manager if there isn’t one.
  • File a complaint with the S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

A victim may also find it beneficial to seek an opinion regarding the legal options available to him or her.

Navigating the legal process

Victims of harassment have the right to fight for their interests, including the right to workplace free from any type of harassing or discriminatory behavior. The law protects them from additional harassment or other types of mistreatment after reporting a problem. In some cases, a North Carolina employee has grounds to pursue a civil claim against his or her employer.