The rights of employees in hostile work environments

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Each employee has the right to a workplace that is free from discrimination and other types of mistreatment. When unacceptable behaviors, such as harassment, take place, it can lead to the development of a hostile work environment. Employees who are subjected to these types of situations do not have to stay silent. They have the right to speak out, hold responsible parties accountable and pursue legal recourse.

What is a hostile work environment?

A hostile work environment is much more than just an unpleasant atmosphere. In order for an employee to pursue legal action because of a hostile work environment, the case must meet certain criteria. Consider the following facts about a hostile work environment civil claim:

  • Actions, communication and behaviors in the workplace must be discriminatory in nature.
  • These things clearly make it difficult for the employee to effectively do his or her job.
  • A hostile work environment claim must prove the employee experienced discrimination on the basis of his or her gender, religion, sexual orientation or other factors protected by law.

This type of claim is different from a discrimination claim. A North Carolina employee who believes he or she is a victim of illegal treatment of any type in his or her workplace has the right to explore the legal options available.

What’s next?

An employee who is a victim of a hostile work environment may feel overwhelmed by the situation. It is normal to feel afraid or hesitant to speak out, but a victim does not have to walk through this process alone. It is helpful to reach out to an experienced employment law attorney to find out how to proceed with the appropriate course of action.