Holding attorneys accountable for malpractice

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By trusting a North Carolina attorney to handle a legal concern, one is placing a significant amount of trust in that individual. In addition to the fees one will pay to the attorney, the client is also relying on the legal professional to provide knowledgeable guidance and assistance with a specific legal concern. It is devastating when an attorney breaches this trust, and it may be considered legal malpractice.

How does legal malpractice occur?

Legal malpractice involves much more than simply violating the trust of a client. One could have a potential malpractice claim if a lawyer did any of the following while handling a legal concern on behalf of a client:

  • Conducted him or herself in a way that was negligent
  • Breached the contract with the client
  • Violated the Rules of Professional Conduct set forth by the American Bar Association

An attorney who has a contract with a client is under the obligation to perform his or her duties professionally and adequately. Violating a client’s privacy, neglecting important legal matters or doing other things one may consider reckless could be grounds for a civil claim.

Fight for justice

The North Carolina civil justice system provides a way for a victim of legal malpractice to hold the responsible party accountable. After experiencing this type of treatment from a legal professional, a victim would be wise to speak with an attorney who handles these specific types of cases. With the right guidance and support, it is possible to hold liable parties accountable, fight for justice, and potentially secure appropriate compensation and damages.