The use of arbitration to resolve construction disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2021 | construction law |

When there is a problem with a construction project, it can be costly to all parties involved. It is generally most beneficial to seek a reasonable resolution as soon as possible, saving both time and money. In some cases, the use of alternative dispute resolution methods is employed, like arbitration. Arbitration is a process that can be useful in the positive resolution of construction disputes.  

How does arbitration work? 

Arbitration is a process that allows two parties to resolve disputes without the need for litigation. It is generally less expensive than litigation, making it an attractive option for the resolution of construction disputes. It can also take less time to resolve a dispute in this way, allowing both parties to move forward in a timely manner.  

In some cases, the two parties are allowed to choose and agree on the arbitrator, someone who should be neutral and fair. Overall, arbitration can be a more straightforward process than litigation, and both sides will have the ability to pursue a specific outcome. Arbitration is a confidential procedure since it does not take place in open court. Arbitration documents are not part of the public record. 

Working with an experienced ally 

When it comes to complex legal disputes, like construction disputes, it is helpful to work with an experienced legal ally. A North Carolina construction law attorney can provide help when determining how to fight for the best resolution to ongoing concerns. Having this support makes it more likely there will be a reasonable and acceptable outcome.