Proactive steps to prevent construction defects

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Contractor often worry about home construction defects. North Carolina’s statute of limitations for filing construction defect claims allows years to pass before a customer takes legal action for a latent defect. A lawsuit for construction defects can be financially damaging to a business and potentially harmful to the residents.

It is important for contractors to take every precaution to avoid defects in the work they do. Nevertheless, not every phase of the project is under their control. Still, they can be proactive on a project to minimize the chances that substandard work will get past them.

Getting ahead of common defects

Most project defects occur either in the design, the materials or the workmanship. The smallest error in construction documents, the use of substandard building materials, or the incompetence or poor training of laborers can result in defects that weaken the structural integrity of the project. It is costly to stop work to deal with these defects, but the alternative is dangerous.

To minimize the chances of serious defects, contractors can take the following steps:

  • Examine contracts and documents for language that may shift all risk to them.
  • Ensure individual contractors take responsibility for their own work.
  • Meet regularly with the project team to assess the quality of work, especially when plans change.
  • Conduct daily inspections to address any issues before they become unmanageable.

Having strong legal team on their side can help contractors deal effectively with disputes related to construction defects that threaten their businesses. A North Carolina attorney with construction experience can be invaluable for helping contractors meet their goal of resolving the issues without jeopardizing the time and resources of their business.