Did a distracted driver cause your car accident?

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If you suffered injuries in a distraction-related car accident, you probably find yourself overwhelmed and confused by what to do next. It can be traumatic to suffer harm and loss due to the reckless or negligent actions of another person, but you could have legal options available to you. At this point, it may be helpful to learn about the problem of distracted driving and the rights you have as a victim.

Distracted driving is one of the most common safety concerns on North Carolina roads and highways. One second of distraction can have devastating consequences that may affect innocent drivers and passengers. Distraction can come in many different forms, but they are all dangerous and irresponsible. Victims of distracted driving have the right to take action and seek to hold liable parties accountable.

Why is it so risky?

Distracted driving can involve anything that takes a driver’s attention off the task at hand, even for a moment. While it often involves using a cell phone while operating a vehicle, it can also include anything that affects a driver’s eyes, hands or thoughts. Even something as simple as talking with a passenger or looking at a billboard counts as distracted driving. Typical behaviors often associated with distracted driving include:

  • Failure to drive a consistent speed
  • Eating or drinking
  • Removing one or both hands from the wheel
  • Talking with a passenger in the vehicle
  • Braking frequently or swerving

Certain actions can cause cognitive distraction, manual distraction or physical distraction. Using a phone while driving is particularly dangerous because it can involve all three types of distraction simultaneously. Estimates suggest that distracted driving is the cause of thousands of accidents each year.

What are your options?

A distracted driving accident can leave you with painful injuries, damage to your personal property and other issues that can affect you for months or years. If you find yourself trying to pick up the pieces after an accident caused by a distracted driver, you may find it helpful to seek an assessment of your case and explanation of your legal options.

If you have a valid case, a personal injury claim allows you to recoup your losses and secure damages for your pain and suffering. These types of claims are time-sensitive, and it is prudent to act quickly after an accident to determine the most appropriate course of action and move forward.